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MoreThanHip is specialized in eco- & fair design. We offer fashion and home accessories with stylish designs and a sustainable character. Design comes first, but always with a beautiful story behind it.

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MoreThanHip truck tarpaulin

MoreThanHip bags and backpacks from recycled truck tarpaulin

A bag made of recycled truck tarpaulins is a sustainable choice. The material is super strong, waterproof and has been given a second life. Moreover, such a bag is always unique, because no two copies of a model are the same. So just as unique as you are.

What You See Is What You Get: you receive the bag on the pictures of the bag you order.

Discover the MoreThanHip collection of truck tarpaulin: different models of shoulder bags, backpacks, laptop bags, crossbody bags and even a fanny pack and a laptop sleeve. There are many different colours and prints to choose from, so everyone - men and women - can find the bag that suits them.

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Freitag bag, one of the icons of a sustainable lifestyle

Freitag bags are made from recycled truck tarpaulin. The Freitag brothers were the first to introduce this environmentally friendly bag concept to the market. One of the pioneers of a sustainable design lifestyle. Because it is a Swiss company and they position themselves as a design brand, the prices of these sail bags are correspondingly high. Moreover, you can hardly buy Freitag bags online.

Cheaper alternative and available online

Are you looking for a tough, strong, waterproof and unique bag, such as a messenger, backpack, laptop bag or hip bag made of this recycled material? But would you prefer a more affordable alternative or would you conveniently like to buy online? Take a look at the MoreThanHip collection of truck tarpaulin bags. Here you will find different models and a number of unique variants of each bag. Because each one is one-of-a-kind. And much cheaper than Freitag bags.

In addition to being sustainable and eco, our truck tarpaulin bags are also vegan and made in Europe, so you can be sure that you are buying an honestly produced bag. Slow sustainable fashion, we love it.

From truck tarpaulin to bag: 100% sustainable & recycling

This MoreThanHip collection is made of used truck tarpaulins, which are discarded after years of loyal service on the road. These tarpaulins are usually still too good for the landfill or incinerator and perfectly suitable for a second life as a design bag.

Tough and unique

You can often clearly see that the tarpaulin has been used and that gives the bags its tough look. Because they are made of recycled sails, none of these bags are exactly the same.

The design of the truck tarpaulin bags is based on the solidity of the construction, the ease of use and an attractive appearance. A lot of attention is paid to the use of colour: the application of both visual characteristics and colour accents.

Upcycling at its best

For this collection we work together with a workshop where discarded sails are transformed into new bags. This is largely craftsmanship.

The material is first cleaned. Then we select the pieces that are most fun for the front of the bag. The next step is to cut the banners to size using patterns. Only then is the bag itself assembled.

Other recycled materials are also used in these bags. For example, the shoulder straps are from real used car belts. Some models also use bicycle inner tubes to trim edges and airbags for the lining of bags.

Waterproof bag

In addition to its sturdy appearance, truck tarpaulin is also a very practical material. You have a waterproof bag, so that the contents are not soaked to guard against a shower or splashing water. And it is very strong and hardly susceptible to wear and tear. So you'll enjoy that for a long time to come.

Business gifts from truck tarpaulin

For transport companies and companies with their own truck fleet, MoreThanHip also offers the possibility to have their own end-of-life truck tarpaulins recycled into articles such as messenger bags, shoppers or toilet bags. By donating these to customers and/or employees, they can emphasize their sustainability policy in a striking way.

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