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Relaxing in a MoreThanHip hammock is one of the best ways to unwind. Both at home as on holiday they are great.

Because this compact light weight (travel)hammock of parachute silk you will easily carry wherever you go.

Convenient, strong and comfortable. That will easily get you through the summer.

Choose from three formats: Single, XXL or Family.

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Lightweight parachute silk hammocks with extra comfort

Available in three dimensions
The MoreThanHip lightweight (travel) hammocks from parachute fabric are available in three dimensions: Single (for 1 person), the 2-person XXL and the Family hammock for the whole family. And, available in different color combinations from camouflage to cheerful and exuberant.

Comfortable and very strong
A MoreThanHip hammock is ideal to relax in. This hammock are made of parachute silk (nylon) and the seams are triple stitched: a powerful combination that can carry 180 Kgs.

Light and airy 
The parachute fabric is breathable, creating a natural ventilation and a great lying comfort. The cloth does not absorb moisture or sweat and therefore will not smell or get mouldy.

Compact and lightweight package 
After use you can roll the hammock quickly back in the small bag attached to the hammock. Then you have a compact and lightweight package that can easily be taken anywhere. Fits into any backpack. So ideal for holiday, a walk or picnic. But also very convenient for the garden, patio or balcony.

Quick and easy to hang
Braided mountaineering rope and strong S-hooks at the ends ensure that the hammock is quick and reliable to hang.

Sustainable aspects of the MoreThanHip hammock

Parachute Silk 
MoreThanHip hammocks are made of parachute silk, or polyamide (nylon). This is a very durable material, resistant to water, mould (weather spots) and sun (UV radiation). For the production of polyamide indeed non-renewable fossil fuels are used, yet the process is relatively durable in comparison to cotton, which uses many pesticides and water. In addition, a parachute silk hammock will last averagely three times longer than a cotton hammock.

Fair production in Indonesia 
The MoreThanHip hammocks are fairly made in Indonesia. Production takes place in a small workshop. The employees are paid well to local conditions and for health insurance by the employer.

CO2 compensation via Climate Neutral Group
The CO2 emissions from production and transport of the MoreThanHip hammocks is compensated via the Climate Neutral Group. This organisation invests in projects in developing countries that give people access to renewable energy and contributes to poverty alleviation, improving their health and their quality of life. Moreover, investing in renewable energy is ultimately better for the global CO2 emissions.

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