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MoreThanHip: your address for stylish bags and ecodesign!

MoreThanHip is specialized in eco- & fair design. We offer fashion and home accessories with stylish designs and a sustainable character. Design comes first, but always with a beautiful story behind it.

MoreThanHip stands for lifestyle products with stylish designs merged with social and environmental consciousness. Design and sustainability are our keywords. All our products are made from recycled, organic, handmade or earth-friendly materials, and are manufactured through our network of (fair trade)partnerships around the world.

We believe that style comes first. It is our basic assumption that no consumer will purchase our products because we are on the mission to save the Earth. People will buy what looks good on them, or what’s hot. However, by promoting our labels, we hope to enhance the planet, elevate consumer consciousness, and transmit our values, not just our sense of style.

The people behind MoreThanHip

Ingrid and Kees Meijer are the people behind MoreThanHip. They started in 2007 with MoreThanHip to shape their drive to do business and their desire for sustainability. Like many people we feel we must be careful with the world and its inhabitants. Yet everyone still wants to enjoy nice things, like bags, jewelry and home accessories. These two aspects together, we combine in the lifestyle products we sell.

In the perception of MoreThanHip conscious products are products that everyone is happy with: the people who make them, the environment and the end user of the product.

To be included in our range, an article should conform to certain conditions. First, the design must be good. You simply want to buy a piece of jewelry or a bag because you like it or find useful or practical. At the same time an article must be as sustainable as possible. That is, made from recycled or natural materials. The production process should be as environmentally friendly as possible, or even according to the Cradle to Cradle principle.

And do not forget the social aspect. Most of our products come from developing countries and are produced according to fair trade standards. We find that very important too.

Of course we hope that each customer enjoys his or her purchase even more because of it’s sustainable background story. But if not: no problem. In the end, the more beautiful products we sell, the more work our producers will have!

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