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MoreThanHip: your address for stylish bags and ecodesign!

MoreThanHip is specialized in eco- & fair design. We offer fashion and home accessories with stylish designs and a sustainable character. Design comes first, but always with a beautiful story behind it.

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Wallets and billfolds

Sustainable wallets, billfolds and card holders

MoreThanHip has many types of sustainable wallets in strong materials, such as leather and recycled car tires and truck tarpaulin. In our collection you will find men's and women's wallets, but also card holders.

RFID security

Of course, many of our wallets are also equipped with RFID security. These wallets are lined with RFID foil, so your cards cannot be skimmed. This way you are well protected against data theft and digital pickpockets.

Wide range of wallets for men and women

Wallets come in many shapes and sizes: for ladies and gentlemen, large or small, with many or few pockets. MoreThanHip therefore also offers a wide range of wallets and purses for men and women. Whatever your personal wishes are, big chance you will succeed at MoreThanHip.

Sustainable and fair produced wallets

Our wallets stand out at least in terms of sustainability, because they are made from vegetable-tanned eco-leather or recycled materials such as car tyres (truck inner tubes) and recycled truck tarpaulins.

What's more, all our bags and fashion accessories - and therefore all purses - are fairly produced. That means with working conditions in accordance with fair trade rules or even fair trade certified. Because honestly earned money belongs in an honestly made purse or wallet.

A wallet must be practical to use

In addition, we compose our range on the basis of practical properties. Such as mini wallets, which are ideal for going out and festivals. You can take a few cards and some money in them and they hardly take up any space. Very suitable for in your pocket, a clutch or a small shoulder bag.

In addition, we offer several billfold wallets with space for many or less cards, bills and a coin pocket. Men usually carry these kinds of wallets in a back pocket of their pants.

Women usually prefer an elongated wallet. They want to be able to carry a lot of cards, but also paper money and coins. These kinds of wallets come in two main groups: with one or two strokes or a harmonica model with almost a zipper around it. A zip wallet is often large enough to also contain a mobile phone.

Safe with a RFID secure wallet

Lately you also see more and more wallets with RFID protection. But what exactly is that? RFID (radio frequency identification) is a technology for the contactless and automatic identification and localisation of objects (e.g. products or living creatures) with radio waves.

RFID chips (transponders or radio tags) are very small and can be stored almost anywhere. They are used, for example, in libraries, access cards, student cards, access passes and contactless door openers. And more importantly: in privacy-sensitive documents such as passports (ePassport), ID cards (ePerso, nPA, new Personal) and, of course, bank cards and credit cards.

The application of RFID offers numerous advantages. For example, product forgery is made more difficult and each individual object can be tracked. On the other hand, it also has many disadvantages. Your privacy may be endangered because your cards (e.g. OV-chipkaart or identity card) can be read out unnoticed.

A wallet with RFID protection blocks these radio waves. Because of this protection you do not give criminals the chance to steal data. Moreover, money cannot be stolen unnoticed because your cards suitable for contact lead payments are skimmed. A wallet with RFID foil makes it impossible for electronic pickpockets to steal money from you.

Safety comes first. MoreThanHip therefore offers more and more wallets that offer protection against skimming and data theft. And we are constantly expanding our range.

Match your wallet with the design of your bag

Do you think it's important that your wallet matches your bag? We make sure you can choose a wallet that matches your shopper, handbag, work bag or laptop bag. Made from the same material and in the same colours. So you can find almost every bag in our online shop not only a matching wallet, but also a card holder or pouch in the same style.

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