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MoreThanHip is specialized in eco- & fair design. We offer fashion and home accessories with stylish designs and a sustainable character. Design comes first, but always with a beautiful story behind it.

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Jurianne Matter (1964) is a designer of paper decorations with a unique graphic signature, which are completely eco-friendly produced. Over the last years she has built up an extensive collection of paperwork including angels, lanterns, flowers and trees. Its decorative objects stand out by their original shapes and designs and enjoy great worldwide popularity.

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About Jurianne Matter

As a little girl Jurianne Matter was already sure that she wanted to become an Inventor of Beautiful Things. In 1991 she became one of the first students of the Interior Styling School at Artemis Academy in Amsterdam. After several occupational wanderings, this felt like coming ‘home’. This education gave Jurianne’s love of styling and her slumbering talent for inventing beautiful things a sure footing.

“I like to create beautiful, warm and festive little rituals relating to important happenings in life. This way they become experiences always to remember”, sais Jurianne Matter. “I have inherited a passion for textiles, paper and patterns from my mother and my grandmother. Designs and patterns on even the simplest things can make me feel completely happy: a Russian candy wrapper, a roll of drawer paper from Tyrol, or the paper around a a French farmer’s bread. My desire to create beautiful things, my love of paper designs and my need for little rituals are all embodied in my work.”

At present Jurianne Matter works as a freelance designer and product stylist. She designs her own paperwork, but also loves designing patterns for other companies.



All Jurianne Matter products are made in Holland and are completely ecological and environmentally friendly. The paper carries the FSC-logo, and is acid- and chlorine-free. The Vega-Fast ink is a Dutch developed printing ink based on vegetable oils. The plastic-looking bags are actually made from cornflour and are bio-degradable.

In short: every single product Jurianne Matter produces is completely eco-friendly. Or as she sais herself: “For me, a product is only beautiful if both nature and man have been considered in its development.”

Click here to see Jurianne Matter's paperware in our webshop

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