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Hook’d - bike carrier for two large shoppers

  • Brand: Other
  • Sustainability: ecological, recycled/upcycled, vegan
  • Colour: black
  • Material: recycled plastic bags
  • Dimensions: 18 x 17 x 6 cm
  • Delivery: in stock, immediate
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  • Unique eco & fair collection
  • Fast delivery from stock
  • Free shipment in NL above €35,-; BE and D above € 50,-
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Hook’d for stable and safe cycling with full shopping bags

You know the drill: cycling with one or two full shopping bags on the handlebars. Clumsy, awkward, unstable and actually unsafe. You will easily start to sway and there is not much needed to fall on the street.
That doesn’t need to happen anymore with Hook'd. The solution that allows you to hang one or two shoppers on your bike carrier in a simple and secure way. Hook’d gives you the stability to get you safely home with your groceries.

● Bike carrier for one or two big shoppers
● Light (150 grams) and strong (carrying capacity > 50 kg)
● For stable and safe cycling
● Made from recycled plastic bags
● 100% Dutch product
● Suitable for bike carriers with a tube thickness of up to 2.1 cm

Super easy to use
The Hook'd is very easy to use. You just put it on your bike carrier, hooking one end around the carrier. Then hang a shopping bag on the other side to secure the Hook'd. Easy as that: no tools or mounting material needed.

When you have two full bags, you hang the second bag on the hook which is still available. So you now have a bag hanging on either side of the bike. Because the center of gravity is low, you can cycle stable and safe. This makes panniers unnecessary.

Light and strong
On both sides of the Hook'd you can hang a bag of more than 25 kilos. But this bag carrier is not only very strong, it is also very light with only 150 grams. When you are at home or in a shop, you easily take the Hook'd off and put it in your bag.

For reusable shopping bags
Hook'd is designed for use with large reusable shopping bags that you sometimes get at a store and can be purchased at any supermarket. Use of plastic bags or any other use is not recommended.

Environmentally friendly product
The inventors of Hook'd are driven by sustainability. Therefore Hook'd is made from 100% recycled PE (plastic bags), and production takes place in the Netherlands. That's good for the CO2 footprint. They also request you kindly to discard the packaging as waste paper. And we at MoreThanHip obviously totally agree.


Brand: Other