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‘Mooie producten met een goed verhaal.’
Dat is kort gezegd de insteek van MoreThanHip. Daarmee zijn wij – Ingrid en Kees Meijer – in 2007 onze webshop gestart. Inmiddels zijn we vele jaren verder en hebben we een groot assortiment eco & fair design mode- en woonaccessoires opgebouwd. 

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Unique eco & fair collection

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Large handbag from recycled ring pulls - Mercedes

  • Brand: MoreThanHip-Esperanza
  • Sustainability: fair trade, handicraft, recycled/upcycled, vegan
  • Colour: grey, silver
  • Dimensions: 28 x 26 x 2 cm
  • Material: recycled cans
  • Delivery: Helaas uitverkocht

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  • Unique eco & fair collection
  • Ordered before 17:00, same working day shipped 
  • Free shipment in NL above €35,-; BE and D above € 50,-
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Very special, large handbag from recycled tin can tabs

The Mercedes is the largest model in our collection of bags made from recycled pull tabs. This handbag is spacious enough to take a lot with you. It's very flat, but because it's so flexible, it easily bulges up when you put stuff in it.

The Mercedes bag closes with a grey zipper and the inside is lined with a nice light grey fabric. On the lining is a pocket on both sides.

● Ecochic: crocheted from recycled can clips
● Fits many outfits
● Dimensions: 28 x 26 x 2 cm;
● Length of carrying strap: 60 cm (not adjustable)
● Crocheted of approx. 1100 pulling tabs of cans
● Fair trade from Guatemala
● Also available as shoulder bag

An absolute head turner
With one of these bags you absolutely have a 'head turner'! Because people will certainly turn their heads when they see you pass by with this bag. We know from experience that you have a nice talk about the story behind your bag in no time. Because they are rare and beautiful and there is much to tell about it!

One will also like to know how the material feels. Be prepared for this effect ;-)

Easy to combine
The silver coloured bags of fit very well with many outfits. From casual to elegant; from summer to Christmas / evening / wedding. Still, you're going to use this bag probably not daily, because they are too special for that. Especially for special occasions. Overall a bag to cherish!

Light and smooth
You need not worry that they are heavy or sharp as aluminum which the pulls are made, is very light in weight. The ladies in Guatemala addition, they are so ingeniously crocheted  that you have absolutely no sharp edges or hooks and bags are also very smooth.

Fair production in Guatemala
These bags are handmade (crochet) in Guatemala by a cooperative of women in the slum of La Esperanza in Guatemala City. They work according to fair trade standards (Fair Trade Federation) so they can build a good life with their families.


Brand: MoreThanHip-Esperanza

Fair production in Guatemala

The Esperanza collection is handcrafted in Guatemala by a cooperative of women in the La Esperanza slums in Guatemala City. The women get paid according to fair trade standards so that they can build a good life with their families.

UPAVIM is a cooperative of and for women from La Esperanza, a district in southern Guatemala City. La Esperanza, meaning "hope", originated in the 1980s, during the civil war in Guatemala. Thousands of refugees from the countryside then settled on the outskirts of the capital. The huts from the beginning have now been replaced by stone houses, but there are still many social problems in La Esperanza. From poverty and unemployment to violent drug gangs.

Better quality of life
UPAVIM's goal is to improve the quality of life of women and their families. At the cooperative they can count on education, employment, a day care center and healthcare. There are more than 80 mothers and housewives working. These are widows, women who have been abandoned by their spouses or are confronted with alcoholism and / or domestic violence. Often they are the only cost winner.

UPAVIM's activities are among others financed by the sale of artisan products. The Esperanza collection of MoreThanHip is a good example of this. Most products made by the cooperative find their way to the United States and Canada. Upavim is therefore a member of the Fair Trade Federation, the organization promoting fair trade in the US.