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MoreThanHip is specialized in eco- & fair design. We offer fashion and home accessories with stylish designs and a sustainable character. Design comes first, but always with a beautiful story behind it.

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Pivvicci by Giuseppe Rogato: recycle design and traditional craftsmanship from Italy

Unique bags from recycled materials with a unique signature. Creations of Giuseppe Rogato's label Pivvicci. Made from discarded leather jackets, old military uniforms and army tents, tarpaulin and other materials he can get his hands on.
With creativity and genuine traditional Italian craftsmanship he designs and manufactures bags of which no two are the same.

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Italian upcycle design bags from old army uniforms, leather jackets and denim

Exclusive to the Netherlands and Belgium, more MoreThanHip has the ecodesign bags from the Italian label Pivvicci in its collection. These bags distinguish themselves by the use of various recycled materials, such as military uniforms, leather jackets and denim. Also characteristic are the contemporary, basic design and the attention to detail. This demonstrates the traditional Italian artisan craftsmanship of the makers.

Pivvicci from Palermo, Sicily

Pivvicci is the label of the Italian designer and architect Giuseppe Rogato, who lives and works in the Sicilian capital Palermo. From his concern about the environment and interest in sustainable solutions, he started designing bags from reused and leftover materials several years ago. For his designs he collects waste materials all over Sicily, such as tents, blankets and uniforms from the army, jute coffee bags and leftovers from leather processing companies, upholsterers and manufacturers of sunshades. But also old jeans, denim and leather jackets that he buys at flea markets. Any material that otherwise would end up in landfills and is suitable to use in bags, qualifies for a new life as a bag.

Fashion designer bags for women and men

The Pivvicci collection features several models of shoulder bags - for women and men - for work and /or daily use and a weekend bag. For every bag Giuseppe Rogato selects combinations of materials, so that no two copies of the same model are the same. Particularly noteworthy are the details of the original materials that are affixed to the bags, such as pockets from pants and jackets, buckles and buttons.

Artisanal Quality

The upcycle designer bags are handmade with the greatest care and precision by local artisans in Pivvicci’s own studio. This not only results in beautiful, high-quality ecofashion accessories. Giuseppe Rogato also strives to revaluation of this ancient craft and awareness of environmental issues in Sicily.