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Vintage leather bags and accessories from GreenBurry

The GreenBurry label stands for cool items of strong cowhide leather with an aged, vintage appearance.

Made of vegetable tanned eco leather and very skillfully and solidly finished.

Discover this beautiful collection of bags and accessories, with a wide choice for both men and women.

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Ecoleather bags and accessories with a vintage look

The GreenBurry collection is made of high-quality cowhide, which is tanned mainly with vegetable materials. The colour is soaked in the leather and not applied to the surface of the leather. Scars, traces and colour variations remain visible and are characteristic of this genuine natural product. It is then treated with oil, which gives the leather its characteristic natural, transparent appearance and a silky feel. Scars, traces and colour variations remain visible and are characteristic of this genuine natural product.

Vegetable tanned leather with a worn appearance

This production method gives the GreenBurry articles their characteristic aged and tough vintage look. As if you have found an old bag in the attic that is still in good condition and you immediately fall in love with. In use, the leather will have a beautiful patina, which only enhances the rugged vintage look.

Treated with vegetable wax

A deliberate choice was made not to seal the surface of the leather with chemical substances or paint. Instead, it is treated with a natural wax. Due to the high fat content, the leather can therefore emit light on clothing in the beginning. However, this is purely vegetable and will disappear completely with a normal wash. It is also typical that a drop of water is quickly absorbed by the leather and causes a discoloration. However, this discolouration disappears completely after drying.

Fair and environmentally friendly production in India

The bags and accessories are produced in controlled and certified production facilities in India and Europe. This means, among other things, that there is no child labour and no social exploitation of employees. But also that only organic oils and waxes that are safe for employees and the environment are used for the leather. In addition, school fees are paid for the children of the approximately 150 employees in India.

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