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Blackbird - metal bird for the garden

Blackbird - metal bird for the garden

Brand Metalbird
Sustainability veggie-proof
Colour black, brown
Material metal
Dimensions B 22 x H12 x D 0,4 cm, twig 24 cm
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Metalbirds bird silhouette from Corten steel

Metalbirds are funky birds for your garden. Very decorative in a tree, fence, barn, a wall or window frame. The metal birds are made of Corten steel. This is a type of metal that gets a layer of rust due to the weather influences. It makes the bird more beautiful, but the rust also protects the steel against further corrosion.

● Made of Corten steel
● Rust-coating protects the metal
● Dimensions bird  22 x 12 x 0,4 cm. Length twig 24 cm
● Choose from 7 different birds
● Delivered in a beautiful mailbox
● Very original gift

Easy to install
A hammer is all you need  to give a metal bird a nice spot. And possibly a ladder to get up, depending on the height you want to place it. Do you not want to put him in a tree or don’t you have a tree? Then drill a hole in the wall, put in a plug and drive the bird in it.

When can such a bird go into the trees?
Are you going to drive the metal bird in a tree, choose a tree that is several years old and has a diameter of about 10 cm or more. Only in the month of May you should not do this in a beech, birch or maple. These trees can go "weeping" because the sap flow is too strong then. By the way, steel or rust do not affect trees. Only copper nails will poison a tree.

What do the other birds in your garden think about it?
Other birds will only be scared by black birds. Because the metal birds become beautifully rusty after some time, this will be temporarily. However, in our garden we notice that the sparrows, robins, great tits and blackbirds totally ignore the metal birds.

A bird in the mailbox
Metalbirds are great as a gift. The bird silhouettes are packaged in a beautiful box that fits through the letterbox. So easy to have it delivered at home or to someone you want to surprise with a metal bird.

The creative birds behind Metal Birds
The metal bird silhouettes are developed by the designer Phil Walters, from Auckland, New Zealand. Henk Lakeman, cabinetmaker from Amsterdam discovered them when he was visiting Phil. He was so excited that he imported the idea to the Netherlands. For the design he gets inspired by birds that are common in Holland.

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